Genesis Pools
Genesis Pools Launch Coming March 12 at 18 GMT!
The Vinyl team has decided to utilize Genesis Pools for launch to foster initial protocol liquidity. We believe Genesis pools provide investors with value preservation, shielding them from 'sniper' bots and effectively decentralizing liquidity from being in the hands of a core team.
Genesis pools can maximize your VINYL rewards as the highest allocation is offered during the initial expansion phase of the protocol.
In total 40,000 VINYL will be distributed in this initial expansion phase.
To participate head to the Club!
Genesis Pool start time is March 12th at 18:00 GMT

Genesis Pools Timeline

The single sided Genesis Pools will last for three days and will run along side the four day FTM/VINYL LP Reward Pool.

Genesis pools

  • Genesis pools open March 12 at 18 GMT
  • Stake FTM, 2OMB, or USDC for up to 72 hours to participate
  • Genesis pools close March 15 at 18 GMT
Pools: FTM, 2OMB, USDC
Weightings: 44.4%, 11.1%, 44.4% distributed
Total VINYL: 14,000
Total Running Time: 72 hours
There is a small one-time fee of 1% to participate in the single sided Genesis pools. The funds raised during this period will be used to bootstrap development of our tNFT marketplace for Vinyl Stage 2. They will also be used to help provide liquidity with the VINYL minted to the airdrop wallet.

Vinyl reward pool

  • Vinyl reward pool opens March 12 at 19 GMT, one day into the single sided Genesis pools
  • Stake your VINYL/FTM LP and accrue the initial Vinyl rewards supply. 6000 VINYL will be distributed on the first day then 16000 VINYL is distributed linearly for the remaining three days of the reward pool timeline.
  • Vinyl reward pool closed March 14 at 16 GMT
Weightings: 100%
Total VINYL: 22,000
Total Running Time: 45 hours

Community Airdrop Wallet

Total VINYL: 4,000
In order to help create liquidity, the single sided genesis pool deposit fee will be used in conjunction with the 4000 VINYL that is allocated to the airdrop wallet. This allocation will also be used to rewards participants who are going above and beyond in the community, i.e. winners of the discord invite contest.
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