Expansion Phase begins March 15th at 18 GMT!
After the Genesis Pools end, main protocol launches and the expansion phase begins minting TRACKS and takes over the minting of VINYL. This consists of the staking in the Club's TRACKS reward pools with LP pairs and staking TRACKS in the Studio to earn more VINYL.
There is also the Shop where CDs, aka bonds, are sold and redeemed for a premium. All three of these entities, the Club, Studio and Shop work together to ensure a healthy seigniorage protocol for maintaining VINYL's 1:1 peg to FTM.

Vinyl Expansion

The Studio

The Studio opens for TRACKS staking on March 15th at 18 GMT
After the genesis pools the Studio (boardroom) is where fresh VINYL is printed for staked TRACKS. At the beginning of every epoch, if the time weighted average price (TWAP) of VINYL is greater than 1.01, new VINYL will be minted. The amount of new VINYL distributed depends on the current circulating supply of VINYL.
The first 18 epochs (3 days) after the Studio launches will have stable 4.5% emissions. subject to change
Note: an epoch is 6 hours
Circulating Supply
Vinyl minted
Below 250k
Below 500K
Below 1M
Below 2M
Below 4M
Below 8M
Below 16M
Below 32M
Above 32M


There is a 4 epoch lockup upon staking TRACKS in the Studio for withdrawals and a 2 epoch lock up for claiming the VINYL rewards. Please note: upon claiming rewards the lock up withdrawal timer is reset.

Tracks Expansion

The TRACKS reward pools open on March 15th at 18 GMT
68,500 total TRACKS will be minted and distributed over a year and can only be earned in the Clubs's VINYL/FTM and TRACKS/FTM LP pools.

Community Reward Pool

Total TRACKS: 59,5000
Weightings: 55% VINYL/FTM, 45% TRACKS/FTM, subject to change
Total Running Time: 365 days

Protocol Allocation

Total TRACKS: 9,000
Weightings: 50% to the DAO wallet, 50% to the Dev wallet
Total Running Time: 200 days
Both the DAO and Dev funds will be used to support the first of its kind tNFT vinyl marketplace creation.
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